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Locals Guide to Best Coffee Shops in Kansas City

Date: May 11, 2021
Author: Dimarco Barea 834 No Comments

Coffee is much more than just a drink. It is the energy you need to continue through the struggle…because it’s real. Our intention is to make your life easier and full of energy, so that is why we decided to create a locals guide of the best coffee shops. We didn’t take this task lightly, so we asked our MMM Community for their opinion because what is better than a local recommendation. Our community came up with their ultimate and all time favorite 25 coffee shops in KC!

#25 – #4

With people mentioning each of these spots we had to show them love on the charts as they each received an equal amount of votes.

#3 Quay Coffee

As you can see in their menu, they are known for being simple. But why simple? Because their coffee is so good that it speaks for itself. Quay Coffee delivers delicious coffee, as well as, quality service. Their mission is to make you feel at home, only with better coffee. That is why they provide plenty of space to study, socialize, even work.

#2 Oddly Correct

Oddly Correct has much more than a hipster vibe. This cozy coffee shop specializes in their pour overs and their lattes. Apart from their delicious drinks, they offer a delicious variety of biscuits that are to die for. As we can see by the structure of this coffee shop, they care about the quality of the food and service, but also they care about the warm and friendly atmosphere. 

#1 Goat Hill Coffee and Soda

Considered a neighborhood gem by the local community of West Side, Goat Hill Coffee and Soda is such an incredible place to enjoy excellent coffee and great company. This quaint little coffee shop offers everything you could wish for related to coffee while also providing healthy snacks, bakery treats and so much more. Goat Hill offers an intimate space for their locals to interact and have a good time.

The people of Kansas City have spoken! But now is your chance to be able to Discover Kansas City. Pick any of these spots, check out their instagram and see what perks they’ll give you by checking-in at them using the MMM LIVE app your free guide to exploring Kansas City like a local.

And the Winner is …

Congratulations to @passitonkc, you won! Slide into our DM so we can reward you for your recommendation and speed.

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