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2019 Business Update

Today, we are providing a brief update regarding our company, our community, and our work to fulfill our mission.

MMM’s mission is to create a world where our spending habits create social good and we are focused on creating an end-to-end experience discovery and booking platform that will handle every lifestyle purchasing decision. As we work to achieve this goal, we are focused on building for the future, driving strong sustained growth, and creating new businesses that will power long-term success.

In 2019, we are seeing steady growth throughout our company: our core marketing and advertising division, Experience Playlists are now available in 3 cities, and we continue to develop our platform and investor relations to support the expansion and development of new business units. At the same time, MMM is doubling down by making new hires who are focused on investing in structure, growth and long-term profitability.

MMM is poised to build on this momentum in 2019 and beyond:

  • Our platform is fueled by local influencers, transplants, business owners and visitors who are loyal to MMM because we treat them like members of a community, not commodities.
  • We have an emerging authentic brand and have built a growing community.  And MMM is increasingly popular with millennials.
  • Our community has created a network effect. Visitors who are seeking unique places and experiences in our 3 cities find what they want at MMM. That demand generates greater opportunities for even more local experience makers.
  • Our community offers unique, high-quality experiential venues and experiences that have created a new way to experience life that did not exist before and cannot be found anywhere else.
  • While the rapid adoption of the MMM LIVE mobile application by 10K users has been ‘sunset’ we do believe that we will re-activate this channel at some point in 2020 when it is strategically beneficial.

This memo does not discuss all of our work, but instead offers a few select updates regarding our company and our community.

Powered by Our Community

MMM got started offering unique crowdsourced content to locals, transplants and visitors, and, after our strongest year ever, our business continues to grow:

  • By the end of the first 3 quarters of 2019, we project that we will have added over 500 community recommended Places in our listings since MMM was founded in 2018.
  • MMM has hosted 4 local events that has created a currency of trust, community and authenticity that cannot be replicated.
  • MMM has built a community of over 120K e-mail subscribers, 20K social media followers and 5K monthly Experience seekers.
  • MMM continues to offer a unique platform aimed to unite daily lifestyle behaviors supporting local business while generating hyper-local charitable contributions.
  • MMM has launched our Experiences for Educators program which allocates a percentage of all revenues for the development of hyper local education and non-profit programs in the cities we serve.
  • MMM has launched our Influencers for Educators program which engages local influencers, bloggers, AirBnb hosts, Rideshare drivers and referral partners to participate in the promotion of Experience Playlists earning affiliate revenue while contributing to the overall charitable contributions to the Experiences for Educators program.

A Strong Operational Team

Led by Founder, CEO and Head of Community Dimarco Barea, MMM has built a stable operational team with key team members who joined or assumed new responsibilities in 2019:

  • President of Sales Santiago Orozco is spearheading our managed services division in Miami leading revenue generation in our wifi, marketing and advertising division titled MMM Social.
  • Head of Content Sue Salarr has joined the team and led the development of systems in content creation, distribution and community engagement.
  • Silvio Pupo of Logos Capital has joined the MMM Board of Advisors.
  • Chinedu Collins, based out of Imo, Nigeria, continues to serve as data entry, content support and overall the most highly engaged evangelist at MMM.
  • Strategic advisors Mickael Blin, Alex Sierich and Patrick Schmitt have provided key insights and advice in the overall development of MMM.

MMM for Work

Travelers and transplants want to feel like they belong in the communities they visit and move into, even when they are traveling on business. Employers are listening to their employees and taking action. In 2020, MMM aims to engage Destination Managment Companies to help manage their client’s travel experience

In addition to business travel, we know there are other unique attributes MMM can offer companies to help them attract, retain, and motivate talent. In 2020, MMM for Work will expand beyond just business travel to include team building, off sites and meetings, and relocations. Only 25 percent of employees within a company travel for work. With our 2020 expansion, we have an opportunity to bring those that don’t travel onto the MMM platform and into our community.

Strong Partnerships with Policymakers

MMM treats policymakers and regulators as allies, not adversaries, and we will craft partnerships with local governments and organizations around the country. To date, we have worked alongside local developers, non-profits, art and culture institutions, business improvement districts, and event organizers just to name a few. We also continue to work in partnership with local governments to create community based initiatives that highlight diversity, inclusiveness and engagement.

Experience Playlists Surge

In the middle of 2019, we launched MMM Experience Playlist. As we have worked to build out Experience Playlists, we have placed a premium on quality and vet dozens of submissions a week to ensure we accept only those that meet our standards. We are pleased to announce that after applying these standards we now have Experiences available in more than 3 cities, and many have never been offered on any other platform. On average domestically, we aim to generate Experience Playlist Partners earn $9,000 a year; Experience Playlists will succeed succeeding because people want to travel around their passions and interests, from food to music to sports, and MMM offers this wide range of activities as an alternative to mass tourism.

The oncoming success of Experience Playlists has led us to make significant new investments in this program to increase the number and type of Experiences that are available in our communities, including opening a second market in Missouri dedicated to supporting this expansion. We will make even more aggressive investments in 2020 as we seek to scale the Experience Playlists business and offer more diverse and unique experiences around the world.

2019 and Beyond

MMM will continue our work to build an end-to-end experience discovery and booking platform that will focus on every lifestyle purchasing decision, with a heightened focus on investing in and creating new businesses that will power long-term growth. We will continue to provide additional updates in the weeks and months to come.